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Rhondda Cynon Taf Bryn Pica Landfill

A report in the South Wales Echo about landfill reports Bryn Pica has 20 years left for tipping.

The question I ask is why do Rhondda Cynon Taf Council who own Bryn Pica allow waste from all over Wales to be deposited in Cynon Valley?
Landfill sites are in short supply therefore why encourage outside contractors to use Cynon Valley as a dumping ground.

Siteserv a waste contractor registered in Coity Bridgend an area well outside Cynon Valley therefore why is this waste carrier dumping at Bryn Pica, Parle Skip Hire run over 30 vehicles conveying waste into Cynon Valley daily.
The redundant Tower Colliery site may be turned into another waste outlet as much as £60 million is being put into the project by EnviroParks processing of over 250,000 tonnes of non-hazardous waste a year. Initially, though, an anaerobic digestion plant will be designed to handle 50,000 tonnes of organic wastes a year, with the potential for a 100% expansion.

Cynon Valley would be the major dumping ground for South Wales, with major increase in traffic flows.

Cynon Valley is a dumping ground in more ways that one thanks to council policies!

Aye, this really is the armpit of Wales.

RCT council is chiefly responsible for driving the area into the pits. Their lack of vision, vested interests, double standards, double dealings and sheer hypocrisy is helping to create an environment that, rightly or wrongly, has given us a reputation for being the most miserable place to live in Wales, and the second worst in Britain itself behind Edinburgh. Which begs the question: If they give Wales an enema would they stick the pipe in RCT?

I don't necessarily endorse that finding, but I can see how it's come about for the reasons given. At the end of the day though, in general it's the people who make or break a place. The countryside around us is wonderful as far as I'm concerned. Having travelled around Europe I can say that there are better places, but there are a hell of a lot worse!

As to the Bryn Pica site, it does have its problems; one of them being the escape of hydrogen sulphide gas which finds its way across to Abernant in really cold weather, and is a disgusting and powerful stench. This is a lethal gas in concentration, sometimes known as sewer gas because that's where it congregates, and has been known to kill sewer workers.

There isn't much that can be done to prevent its escape, but Amgen, the company running Bryn Pica, has done its best to alleviate the problem with constant monitoring. How bad the problem could become remains to be seen.

On the whole Bryn Pica is a well run site, and is strictly controlled. My grouse about it is that it's a dumping ground for God knows how many outside areas to rid themselves of their waste. Is it then another example of RCT's planners putting their own and other vested interests before those of the people of RCT?

The Nant Gwyddon tip in Rhondda was closed after years of campaigning by residents who claimed that it was the cause of so many strange illnesses and even birth defects. The rubbish from there now goes to Bryn Pica, so what should we also expect to see in Cynon Valley in the future?

It's difficult to prove, but if it turns out that Bryn Pica too becomes a source of such problems, then whose heads in the council will roll for allowing it to happen?

My prediction? In an era of non-accountability as we have in Britain today...Nobody's! They'll close ranks and hide behind a wall of silence and prevarification. That's what happened after Aberfan and, as has happened after other disasters and adverse consequences since, it'll happen again here because nothing has changed on that score.

It would seem RCT is bent on turning the valley into a land of "Farms and Parks".
The farms will be Wind farms with our mountains being covered with gigantic wind tubines, who,s efficiency is questionable.
The Parks will be waste recycling parks. These parks would vary from sorting dumps to Hi tec Enviroparks that intend to incinerate waste in Plasma Arc,s to produce gases to drive generators. This process is untried on this scale anywhere in the world.
Will the people of the Cynon valley be the laboratory animals in the proposed parks.
Once again to echo other peoples concerns are we being dumped on again!

We all know what the C stands for in RCT its CORRUPTION !!
The whole authority stinks of it.

well i would have said it stood for something else hun, he he he, but i'd get thrown off the site for saying it lol

The more I hear the worse it gets!
Planning meeting on the 4th of March in the Sobell Centre, 5pm about the dreaded Enviroparks development.
We feel we have a case to object, but will they agree?....

Stop Government funding for incinerators


Many local groups are fighting Government funded proposals for large incinerators.

If built, they will require huge amounts of waste every year. And burn waste that could be reused, recycled, composted or anaerobically digested.

This makes no sense in the fight against climate change.

Incinerators contribute to climate change, even if they generate electricity, by:

* Generating energy inefficiently
emitting more carbon dioxide than fossil fuel power stations.

* Burning reusable or recyclable materials
which wastes energy and natural resources.

There are much better alternatives to incineration.
Misspent taxes

The Government is offering councils £2 billion of taxpayer funding to subsidise new waste plants, including many incinerators.

The forthcoming general election gives us a chance to call for more sustainable policies on waste management:

* Moratorium on Government funding for incineration projects.
* Tax on waste that is incinerated.
* Targets for Britain to match the best European recycling rates.

Take action

Please send these demands to:

* Nick Herbert MP
Conservative Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment
* Tim Farron MP
Liberal Democrat Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment
* Hilary Benn MP
Secretary of State for the Environment

ActionPlease fill in the form below - an email will be sent to each of the main political parties.

Cynon's Future - Dyfodol Cynon

Enviroparks - the Hirwaun Advanced Incinerator
My previous posts on the ‘Enviroparks’ development in Hirwaun led to debate both on the blogs, particularly on the Syniadau Blog and on twitter. I found myself in the rather strange position of disagreeing with a number of people I normally agree with 100%. In response I agreed to write a more detailed post of my views as to the problems with the plans in Hirwaun.

Let’s kick off with a more general point about waste management. We continue to produce far too much waste as a society. There are examples of countries across Europe where waste has been reduced significantly before the discussion begins about effective recycling of the waste that is created. The Enviroparks proposal relies on a steady stream of waste to keep it in business – and a stream of mixed waste, some of which could and should be recycled rather than incinerated.

Full story on Link

Our council RCT are allowing waste from other authority’s areas to be dumped in Llwydcoed.

Why allow other waste management companies from all over the South Wales area allowed to dump in Cynon Valley.

MONEY I expect

Below part of a report from the Auditor General of Wales

“The Council used 89 per cent of its landfill allowance in 2010-11, well above the all-Wales average of 73 per cent and ranked twentieth of the 22 councils in Wales.
Although this is a slight improvement compared to 2009-10, it means that the Council still has limited headspace before it is at risk of failing to divert sufficient biodegradable waste from landfill with the prospect of financial penalties from the Welsh Government”

I have just made a freedom of Information request concerning the RCT Environmental Health Dept using WHATDOTHEYKNOW.COM

On WHATDOTHEYKNOW.COM I came across this which may prove interesting to you

I do not believe that RCT has any top qualified proficient
waste management experts on their why indeed are they turning the Rhondda Cynon Taff area into a tip yet again with all the health hazards such activities bring?

Perhaps they have not heard of the Landfill Directive 1999/31/EC of 26 April 1999 on the landfill of waste,

Firstly may I respectfully add that Rhondda Cynon Taf Council do NOT own Bryn Pica, THEY MERELY HOLD IT ON TRUST FOR US, ME AND YOU, AND YOU BEING THE PEOPLE WITHIN THE RTC JURISDICTION.

In a democracy, which is what RCT Council purports to be, it is the voice of the people that has the final say.

However, sadly democracy in Britain has become a farce. It made me quite sick to yet again read how our elected representatives abuse the public they are suppose to serve.

There is now little doubt that the descent of Britain into chaos could not be more different from the halcyon days after the country joined the European Union 31 years ago, and then set about to milk and be milked by the system for all its worth.

Early retirement, generous state-paid pensions, countless millions on the public payroll and institutionalised tax fraud are now an accepted way of life with ‘professions especially Local Government already ready on obscene salaries allowed to retire at 50 with a state pension of 95 per cent of their final year’s earnings on account of the façade ‘arduous and perilous’ nature of their work.

Now as was always inevitable the big, fat EU gravy train has hit the buffers, drastic austerity measures mean pay rates and pensions have been slashed and taxes are going sky high in a frantic bid to balance the books. The retirement age is to be raised to 67. Note many local government employees will escape this and go on to enjoy a well paid retirement while most of us will end up in Food Bank queues

We are now in the fifth consecutive year of recession, something that no European country has endured in the past 65 years, except in wartime. Half of the young are jobless and a third local shops have closed.

And yet the EU is demanding spending cuts and we don’t even have a competent government that can agree on a way forward. The last 11 years under Blair and Brown were a complete disaster, with many of the public calling for Blair to be tried for war crimes. Meanwhile as Mrs Gordon Brown had just given birth, Gordon boy was having an affair with Anne Widdecombe….I must hand it to Brown that does take guts.

Soup kitchens are feeding once well-to-do British and homeless hostels are full of the middle class who have been forced to sell their homes and are struggling to take in what has befallen them so fast. Little wonder there is such anger on the streets.

Some speculate that civil breakdown and the unravelling of democracy,( well its not really a democracy, more like an unaccountable elected dictatorship) Britain may be just around the corner.

Turning back to the issues of using RCT as a waste dumping ground…research does indicate that RCT council cares not what damage to human health and the environment they cause……then why should they as they are unaccountable to none and that’s utterly crazy in any real democracy!

Think of our children please as there are ………Lots of wrongs that need righting!

We need to know what monitoring control are in force at Bryn Pica by RCTBC.

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S, CAS# 7783-06-4) is an extremely hazardous, toxic compound. It is a colourless, flammable gas that can be identified in relatively low concentrations, by a characteristic rotten egg odor.

The gas occurs naturally in coal pits, sulfur springs, gas wells, and as a product of decaying sulfur-containing organic matter, AS FOUND IN LANDFILL SITES, particularly under low oxygen conditions. It is therefore commonly encountered in places such as sewers, sewage treatment plants (H2S is often called sewer gas), manure stockpiles, mines,ETC. Industrial sources of hydrogen sulfide include petroleum and natural gas extraction and refining, pulp and paper manufacturing, rayon textile production, leather tanning, chemical manufacturing and WASTE DISPOSAL.

Hydrogen sulfide has a very low odor threshold, with its smell being easily perceptible at concentrations well below 1 part per million (ppm) in air. The odor increases as the gas becomes more concentrated, with the strong rotten egg smell recognisable up to 30 ppm. Above this level, the gas is reported to have a sickeningly sweet odor up to around 100 ppm. However, at concentrations above 100 ppm, a person's ability to detect the gas is affected by rapid temporary paralysis of the olfactory nerves in the nose, leading to a loss of the sense of smell. This means that the gas can be present at dangerously high concentrations, with no perceivable odor. Prolonged exposure to lower concentrations can also result in similar effects of olfactory fatigue. This unusual property of hydrogen sulfide makes it extremely dangerous to rely totally on the sense of smell to warn of the presence of the gas.

PLEASE NOTE WELL: H2S is classed as a chemical asphyxiant, similar to carbon monoxide and cyanide gases. It inhibits cellular respiration and uptake of oxygen, causing biochemical suffocation. Typical exposure symptoms include:

Irritation of the eyes, nose and throat
Nausea and vomiting
Coughing and breathing difficulty
Severe respratory tract irritation
Eye irritation / acute conjunctivitis

Prolonged exposures at lower levels can lead to bronchitis, pneumonia, migraine headaches, pulmonary edema, and loss of motor coordination.

Most countries have legal limits in force that govern the maximum allowable levels of exposure to hydrogen sulfide in the working environment.


A typical permissible exposure limit in many countries is 10 ppm. While the distinctive odor of H2S is easily detected, its olfactory fatigue effects mean that one cannot rely on the nose as a warning device. The only reliable way to determine exposure levels is to measure the amount in the air.

Regular monitoring will help to identify areas and operations likely to exceed permissible exposure limits, and any areas that routinely pose overexposure hazards should be equipped with continuous monitoring systems. ASK RCTBC WHAT MONITORING UNITS THEY HAVE IN FORCE AND WHAT ARE THE RESULTS OF SUCH MONITORING.

If the public does not keep the pressure up to ensure their health and safety I doubt if anyone else will!