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Tomos Owen Sharpening Van Story and South Wales Police?

We are writing and wishing to voice our disappointment, as well as awareness for future victims.

The Police case ref numbers are 1700424661 & 1700424756.

at approx 1am / 1:30am the Van been stolen on Bedwas Street, Grangetown Cardiff.
(as neighbour mentioned when they look out the window at approx 1:30am  the van wasn't there. 
Also, we 'd been contacted by couple of Facebook users that they had seen the Van drove pass Penarth road turning onto Taff Embankment at approx 1:30am )

5am Tomos's Credit card and credit card being used at Asda Cardiff CF11 0JR

5:10am  Tomos's Credit card and credit card being used at Malpas Petrol station CF11 9AS

6:50am Tomos's Credit card and credit card being used at BNB News agents CF11 7AY

approx 7am, we got a txt message from Bank saying that the cards are being used.

Tomos got up and look out and discover the Van has gone. (I thought he was joking)

We went out of the house and find items from my car were on the floor, 
The criminal manage to open my car Vauxhall Meriva 2011 without my key.
and find Tomos's work van's spare key in my car....
numerous items and Children backpacks, together with Tomos's late father's wallet had been stolen.

approx 7:30am /8am i posted what happened on Facebook and share on numbers of public pages.

We waited over 3-4 hours for the police to come out to dusk some fingerprints, while we keep checking on responses on social media.

We informed the whole street, as well as call on friends that might know who would have done it / where the van could be. We want all eyes on it. as this is a unique Van.

After the police dusted for fingerprints of the car (nothing find as they wear gloves) 
1:30pm we drove around to the newsagents, Asda Cardiff, we manage to get the owner/staff to check  CCTV footage, and got the description of the criminals.
also confirmed on the cards that were used. (Police had not been in touch with them)

We then call the police to let them know the evidence are ready to be picked up, and may them go and pick them up, as we had done the work for them.

We then drove around Lamby way, Star Hub, in and around Splott, Rummey and Tremorfa.

Unfortunately, nothing find. The whole day we had no contact with the police....

at approx 8:30pm, we had people from social media said Van had been seen at Rummey and Tremorfa on 1st Nov afternoon. One of the people had pointed out to us that the van is parked outside her flat before she went out to work. 

We contact the police straight and let them know, but they wouldn't go out to check, as they are busy, as well as it's not a priority, and there's no evidence that the Van is actually there. 
The Facebook user was kind enough to send us pictures to show the Van is still there, let us know the address.

We inform the police again, they advise us not to go there, and they would be there as soon as (which's police never arrive). We couldn't wait, as the criminal can come back anytime. So we went to the address ourselves. When that's your business, your living, your career, I believe it does add a different perspective to it.

We waited for over hour/hour and a half, no police arrived. 
They then called Tomos and said basically they won't make it there.... as they got other priority on hand to deal with. they suggest us to try to start the van and drove away with it.
and we did. (even the thieves still have the spare van key, and can turn up anywhere at any time near us.)
Our lives and possessions were at risk, if anything did happen, the criminals turn up .... the police would of fail to protect. Which we are highly disappointed. 
Even til now, we have no updates from the police.

As well as the uniqueness of the Van, I believe that we had done much more than most people that had their vehicle stolen. 
People usually do put their faith, trust and believes in the police to recover their properties, as its also a very stressful and upsetting time for the victim.

Thank you very much for your help!