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Schools should not off-register pupils to improve exam results

Improving exam results is not a “legitimate reason” to move pupils off-register, warned the Welsh Conservatives today.

Some Welsh schools may be moving pupils off registers in a bid to improve exam data, according to Estyn.

Responding, Suzy Davies AM, who is the Shadow Minister for Education, said: “While there are a number of genuine and legitimate reasons for young people being educated outside of a school, I do not think improving a school’s overall exam results is one of them.

“There have always been rumours of things like this happening so some schools can improve results, like asking some pupils to not attend when Estyn inspections are due.”

Mrs Davies added: “While we should not jump to conclusions about motives just yet, if this is true then the schools, teachers and parents allowing this to happen are significantly failing these young people.

“The Minister is right that these revelations are worrying and while the regulations Welsh Government are consulting on could stop this happening in the long-run, this also requires immediate action.

“If not then there is a potential that these young people will miss out on getting the education and opportunities that they deserve. I have written to Kirsty Williams, the Education Secretary, to insist she does something now.”

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