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No need for northern bridge and data supports that. I'm sure you don't want £10m wasted

Andrew Morgan Labour leader says there is no need for the Northern Link Bridge development at Mountain Ash and it seems our Assembly member agrees with the Labour policy of lack of major highway infrastructure in Cynon Valley (NOT talking about highway resurfacing)


That’s the problem with RCTC Labour party they don’t think ahead no forward thinking, Andrew Morgan thinks £10 M is wasted in Cynon Valley. I don’t think commuters who transverse out and back into Cynon Valley would think that £10M is nothing on the grand scale of highways.


 The scheme for the Mountain Ash Northern Cross-Valley Link was discussed as far back as 2007 by a Rhondda Cynon Taf Council cabinet Meeting in March 2007, where the record clearly shows the potential of the proposed highway project “a cross-valley link, which links the east to the west bank, north of the town bridge.”


The proposed cross-river link will bring environmental relief to residential and commercial properties within the town centre and the Miskin and Penrhiwceiber area.


The scheme will facilitate regeneration of the area, and will provide improved safety and environmental conditions in the town centre. The scheme will provide a link to the new Mountain Ash Hospital.


Rhondda Cynon Taf Council allow more and more developments within Cynon Valley without major highway infrastructure to cope with extra traffic flows that are incumbent with any development.


Below are potential development sites 


98 homes old boys school Trecynon 

44 homes for old Aberdare Girls' School

500 homes old Phurnacite 

500-600 dwellings Aberdare hospital

80 new homes Tan Y Bryn Gardens, Llwydcoed 

20 homes Little Theatre Gadlys Aberdare

76 homes Fforchneol Estate Heol-ygelli Godreaman

11 homes Llwydcoed Motors Garage site, Llwydcoed

Residential dwellings former Blaengwawr Comprehensive School Aberaman


Is it a potential of more than1500 vehicles departing south on the A4095 out of Cynon Valley every day?

Do commuters think there is a need for a better highway infrastructure to cope with extra traffic flows before developments or would they prefer longer traffic queues?


Traffic queues building up on the A4095 northern side of Mountain Ash I have seen the queues backing up as far as Cwmbach on some days. Makeshift thinking that the Mountain Ash Southern Cross Valley link may improve traffic flows in the short term. Commuters will remember Rhondda Cynon Taf Council saying adjusting the traffic lights at Mountain Ash would improve traffic flows, but traffic still queues as far back as Abercynon on some nights.


The MP in 1966 said there was a problem on the A4059 at Mountain Ash and Rhondda Cynon Taf Labour still talk about it and now says there is no need to spend money to help Cynon Valley Commuters traversing through Mountain Ash.


Mr Arthur Probert , Aberdare  12:00 am, 15th December 1966

Asked the Secretary of State for Wales what action he proposes to take to overcome the road transport bottlenecks in the Cynon Valley.


The data Andrew Morgan talks about did it say adjusting the traffic lights at Mountain Ash would improve traffic flows, it didn’t.

I think regular commuters who use the A4095 can make their own mind up after queuing daily at peak times.   



So why talk about Highway Infrastructure in Cynon Valley? Our new Assembly Member Vikki Howells questioned Carwyn Howell Jones First Minister of Wales, it referenced to “Land banking' is a concern in Cynon Valley - privately owned derelict sites.” The new AM wants to boost house building in Cynon Valley providing employment and new homes, this is commendable. If the Assembly Government provided funding for major highway Infrastructure could also enhance employment in construction throughout RCT, the A470 needs extra lanes to cope with demand, traffic is queuing from Pontypridd to Cardiff daily. Perhaps North Wales AM Ken Skates the new Transport Minister will make a statement on transport in the South Wales Valleys.