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Landlords will be offered guaranteed rent and money to carry out improvements.

Labour ministers must make sure they do not overpromise and underdeliver with their new plan to tackle homelessness.

Property owners in Wales are set to be offered money to rent to homeless people, Labour announced today (Nov 30).

Homeowners will be able to lease their properties to councils so they can be leased to those who are at risk of, or are experiencing, homelessness.

In return, landlords will be offered guaranteed rent and money to carry out improvements.

The Welsh Conservatives outlined a string of measures to tackle homelessness in Wales in their 2021 Senedd manifesto, including the introduction of a ‘housing first’ model for supporting homeless people.

Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Janet Finch-Saunders MS, said:

“Ending homelessness in Wales has long been a Welsh Conservative commitment and it’s great to see Labour ministers finally getting the ball rolling to eradicate it.

“However, as is often the way with this Labour administration, it all boils down to the delivery of the plan. Ministers are often big on rhetoric but their record on delivery over the last two decades has been extremely poor to say the least.

“We have seen it when they declared a climate emergency and they continue to miss housing targets with not enough being built.

“It is vital they get it right this time on such an important topic and this isn’t just another case of Labour overpromising and underdelivering.”

Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Local Government, Sam Rowlands MS, added:

“Nobody should be forced to sleep on the streets night after night in Wales in this day and age so this plan is welcome news.

“However, I am worried that this is just a sticking plaster. Labour isn’t tackling some of the issues which can lead to homelessness such as not having enough properties in Wales.

“As welcome as this plan is, it is not the silver bullet to solving homelessness and it is only a short-term strategy. We need more houses to be built across the country.”