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A Mr Philip Rees on behalf of Friends of Aberdare Park has applied to convert a defunct paddling pool in Aberdare Park into a water play area (Splash Park) we are informed Mr Rees is husband to a local labour councillor Sharon Rees.


The planning application number is 18/1165/10 if you have any objection to this development or in support you can email Simon Gale Gale at


Questions should be asked why was this major development not advertised on Rhondda Cynon Taf Council Weekly Planning Applications section on the website what is council up to?


Who will maintain the splash park on completion Friends of Aberdare Park? We were informed by one of the members of Friends of Aberdare Park that the council will fund the upkeep of the splash park on completion perhaps someone would clarify just what is happening?


Many people have struggled to reopen paddling pools in their communities and keep them going giving many hours of their own time to help the community and not forgetting chasing up funding so kids can have a pool in the summer months.


Many people are asking why the old paddling pool at Aberdare Park was not kept open, the council keep saying it has no money but can afford a vanity project addition footbridge into Ynysangharad War Memorial Park in Pontypridd at a cost of £2 Million.


The only reason the Aberdare Paddling Pool became defunct as with many throughout RCT is that the council stopped funding. Friends of Aberdare Park said on their Facebook page,


“We’re currently in the process of raising funds for the construction of a Splash Pad to replace the old unused paddling pool and need to raise over £300 thousand pounds to make that dream a reality by summer 2019. This is desperately needed for children in our community. Funding applications to various bodies are currently under consideration.”

There is no mention of the planning application or any link on their Facebook page.