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Brecon Jazz

“I remember pushing pianos up the hill for the gigs – with the piano tuners running up behind us!” - Tina May

Jazz vocalist Tina May, reminiscing about her student days in Wales and Brecon Jazz, in a recent interview with Brecon Jazz Club.

Those ‘grassroots’ early days, of excitement and pulling together, have been followed in more recent years by high quality marketing with smooth operations and high profile concerts. “Orchard and the professional promoters did a really good job, and developed the popularity of the festival”, say the co-ordinators of this year’s Brecon Jazz Weekend. “With the change this year to organising as a Partnership, we’re aiming for a mix of that original community approach while promoting an upfront quality offer”.

Innovative jazz trombonist, Dennis Rollins, with his Velocity Trio, and supported by Nerija at Theatr Brychenog on Saturday the 13th of August from 9.30 pm.
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Saxophonist Trish Clowes joins forces with the award-winningBrownfield Byrne Quintet atGuildhall on Sunday the 14th of August from 6pm
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Tina May will play one of the headline concerts in the Brecon Guildhall in a tribute to the jazz composers of Brazil, describing it as a ‘real ‘Festival’ concert – something new (the lineup, the theme) – "you won’t have seen it before, but it’s happening here and its happening now, and it’s at Brecon Jazz!". See Tina on Saturday the 13th of August at 8:15pm at the Guildhall.
This concert is followed by the popular and innovative jazz trombonist, Dennis Rollins, with his Velocity Trio, and supported by Nerija at the Theatr on Saturday the 14th of August from 9:30 pm.
During the day on Saturday, you can hear Simon Deeley’s band ‘Crossing Borders’ at the Cathedral (12-1pm) and on Sunday the 14th of August, there will be a Jazz Service at 10am. Watch out too for more concerts....
Pianist Geoff Eales, like Tina May, is an international jazz artist with links to Wales, also returning to his roots and very excited to be helping start off the 2016 festivities with a new trio. Hear Geoff on Friday the 12th of August at the Castle Hotel 6.15pmBrownfield Byrne Quintet are award-winning young swing and bebop players, whose leaders originate in rural Wales, now much in demand on a far wider stage. On Sunday the 14th of August in the Guildhall (6pm), they join forces with saxophonist Trish Clowes for what promises to be a storming session of swing and bebop jazz, and late evening sees a Celtic Jazz quartet at the Muse (8.15pm).
'Music and Welling' is a theme this year, and there are workshops every day on this theme plus guitar improvisation and Latin voice/percussion sessions. There's even a film with Sunday lunch backed by a vibes trio! (Check out 12-3pm at the Muse).
Running throughout the weekend is a new development at Brecon, a showcase of emerging jazz musicians - Brecon Jazz: Futures. This brings bands made up of 46 award and post-graduate young musicians whose names are becoming the stuff of legend in four major cities. Their music is fresh, original, exciting, moving. Catch them at Theatr Brycheiniog Fri-Sun 12-14 August.
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