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Breast Cancer Awareness Month at St John

As part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, eight girls from Year 8, one from Year 11 and two members of the PE department, took on a section of the 24 hour Zumba Challenge. This took place in the Principality Stadium.

They “descended on the desert” and completed a two-hour slot of the 24-hour zumba challenge in order to smash a Guinness World Record!

The girls are all part of the newly formed Year 8 FitBit group. This project aims to encourage the pupils to become more physically active and engaged in Activ8 extra-curricular activities, throughout the school week and more active at home. During the two hours of the 24 hour Zumba challenge, the girls racked up over 15,000 steps!

Girls from Year 8 have been given the opportunity to borrow a FitBit in order to join in the challenges. Those pupils who own their own FitBit’s have also joined in.

Weekly challenges have been set up where the step rates of pupils are tracked on a leaderboard by an allocated member of staff. For every 1,000 steps that they complete over 50,000 between Monday and Friday, they will receive a reward token from our partners from Newydd Housing and Hapi RCT. These reward tokens can be used at various locations including Dare Fitness and the school canteen! They can redeem them for food on the healthy schools menu.

There are a number of girls on the waiting list to join this initiative but at this moment in time, all of the FitBit’s have been allocated. Therefore, there will be a number of raffles being held over the coming weeks in order buy more FitBit’s for those who are desperate to join in!