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‘Pay as you go’ ticketing to be trialled on trains and buses

Transport for Wales is gearing up to pilot pay-as-you-go ticketing on trains and buses – something the Welsh Conservatives have repeatedly called for.

It will mean passengers can tap their bank cards on the barrier gates to travel on trains and buses, similar to the set up in London.

Since being elected to the Senedd in May last year, Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Transport, Natasha Asghar MS has repeatedly called for an all-Wales travel card to be introduced.

She said:

“For far too long, public transport in Wales has been crumbling and this push into the 21st century is a step in the right direction in making sure we have a fit for purpose network, especially if we are to encourage more people out of cars.

“I have raised the idea of a travel card countless times both inside and outside the Senedd and am delighted to see Transport for Wales have listened and acted.

“It will make passengers’ lives a lot easier with faster travel, less queueing at ticket barriers and more seamless journeys as well as encouraging tourism, which will in turn boost local economies across the country.

“I hope these trials prove to be a resounding success and will be rolled-out across the country as soon as possible so people can benefit from a fairer and easier way of using public transport, but it is vital we make sure there are enough trains and buses running to make this truly worthwhile.”

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