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£360 raised for South & Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team

South & Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team is asking for donations. 

The goal may be to get them to the surface, but there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make this happen.

South & Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team is a voluntary organisation providing assistance to people and animals in need underground. The Team relies on donations from members of the public to fund our essential life-saving rescue service.

Below is taken from the South Wales Police Facebook site. 

Today felt like I was stuck in a nightmare.

Like I was actually watching myself in a movie and couldn't do anything to help.

How I didn't have this baby 5 months early I don't know.

It was definitely the scariest day of my life.

Daniel and Cerwyn went caving Friday afternoon. Like they usually do. Normal day for them 

They were due to leave the cave at 12am. At 1am this morning, no text I just assumed they had stayed longer .. I know what Daniels time keeping is like

2am, nothing... I couldn't sleep until I knew they were out.. 6am.. I'm wondering what the hell is going on. Thinking up all sorts in my head.

7am on the phone to Gwent police, who were outstanding. The operator was doing his very best to keep my hormonal mess calm.

I had rang around friends and family, no one had heard off them.


By 8am, South & Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team , Gwent Police  and Heddlu Dyfed-Powys Police  and the most loyal best friend you could ask for! Angharad Rachael Cullimore were all outside the cave making a plan to get them.

South Wales Police Rhondda Cynon Taf, Merthyr Tydfil and Bridgend  came to the house, (to check if I had killed him and chopped him up I think) they also dropped in further on in the day to check on me.

 The lovely man from cave rescue had called me and so had Powys Police to inform me of the plan going forward.

And I had detective Cullimore updating me and making friends with all the coppers.


I was finding it so hard to stay positive. I was sure something had gone wrong. Something had happened to them.

By 1pm Saturday afternoon they were found. 20hrs later! Felt like 20 days! Safe and luckily unharmed. Id never felt such relief in all my life.

The team effort that had gone into this rescue was unreal. Police search and rescue. Police dogs. South Wales Caving. They made no hessitation to make a plan and get in.

Myself, our unborn child and Daniel will forever be grateful for their work. Absolutely outstanding people!

I have linked their page. If anyone is able to donate even a pound to this amazing team I know it will be well spent. I've sent my donation but it will never be enough to show them how grateful I am.

I've finally stopped crying  Daniels is getting some well needed rest, he is battered and bruised and is just about able to stand but were just so thankful we are all home safe

I'm not writing this to scare people. Or to put people off. I'm happy and confident for Daniel and Cerwyn to go again! (After ive had the baby). They did everything right.

I'm writing this to make people aware, the main reason they are safe and that people got there so fast is because I knew everything about their trip.

I knew exactly what cave they were going in.

I knew exactly what entrance they were using.

I knew exactly what route they were taking.

I knew exactly what they were wearing!!

I knew the cars and registration they were traveling in.

If your planning a trip out, doesn't matter where. Please tell a friend or loved one where you are going. This is one of the easiest caves they've done. Just one of them days where it doesn't go to plan.

At least Cerwyn got some pictures and they signed the log book. Definitely one they will never forget!