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Phurnacite Plant, Abercwmboi

The Phurnacite Plant Project was kindly donnated to us and written by Mark Williams, Cwmbach.

"I would like to dedicate this section of AberdareOnline to my Grandfather, without his assistance, I would never have been able to compile the school project, 25 years ago when it was written. My Grandfather William Stanley Williams sadly lost his battle against cancer on the 2nd of May 2007." - Mark Williams, Cwmbach

The aims of this project are to show the production process at the Phurnacite plan. A great deal is written and spoken (not always good) about the plant by people with little or no knowledge about the place.

When reading this project please bear in mind that it was written sometime ago, when the plant still stood and smokeless fuel was in production


This is asking for Furnacyte but I think it is meaning Phurnacite anyone recall this event 25 years ago

Posted on the NUM site by Dominique Masson

I made a film 25 years ago during the Miners\'Strike,mostly with Bold and Sutton Manor striking miners in St Helens,Lancs. I would very much like to come in contact again with the miners and the miners\' wives I met then, especially Dennis Pennington, Ged, Lorraine, Scotter and all those who remenber us...we were two french women around thirty,Dominique and Anne-Marie, with an enormous orange video equipment.We came to South Wales as well, in March, 1985,and visited The Furnacyte, a place where only one man was working, called Paul Watson. We were with Maggie Newell there.If you can help me finding people we met then in both places, I would be very grateful.