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Family History and local heritage

The Cynon Valley is surrounded by the history of an industrial age it is for this reason that there are many different avenues of that can be explored. AberdareOnline's history pages will hopefully provide you with a brief insight into the history of the Cynon Valley.


I am starting a family search on my maternal grandmother's side of the family. I had relatives from Aberdare. They are Elizabeth Williams born 9-29-1812 and died 12-12-1891. She married Richard James.

Any info or how I could research them would greatly be appreciated.

I am doing some family research and I am looking into a story that there was a man killed in a fist fight on Maerdy mountain in the 1800's involving a Moses Maggs. If anyone could help I would be very grateful.

You could try the census for the years involved. There are some great free sources including the Free BMD webite and another is they are very helpful

Hi I am trying to trace my family history and would welcome any assistance. MY Grandparents lived in Oxford st on the Gadlys they were William Morgrugyn Phillips (known as Bill) and Margaret Mary Phillips nee Prosser. when I was younger my Great Grandmother Sarah Davies also lived with them as did my uncles Frank and Tom and his son John Prosser.

I believe that around 1914 My mothers great aunt was connected with the Mackworth Arms on Gladys rd any information on these and the extended family would be warmly welcomed Thank You


I am researching my family history and am stuck on Sarah Williams born Mountain Ash around 1867 depending on which census I believe. On marriage cert her father's name was James.

How can I sort one Sarah Williams from another without buying all the birth certs? There were 4 Sarahs registered in Pony district in the relevant time scale. Taking the widest range of dates from census and the fibs on the marriage cert she could have been born anywhere between 1862 and 1868. That's an awful lot of Srah Willams to check out. Help!


My mother was Josie Curran born 1923. She came from a large family. Sisters, Bridgetta, Aileen, Margaret, Agnes, Brothers, Tom, Andrew.

They lived at 39 Maes Cynon

Does anyone know anything about them? I think their father, Andrew worked in a "quarry"??

I'm digging away but if anyone knows/remembers them, let me know. Agnes lived at 80 Tramway for decades until she died in the late 1990s.

My own mother, Jo Curran got into Brecon County Grammar School for girls. Any news on that school would help me too



hi im tracing my mothers fathers side of the family,my grandfathers name was windsor verdin wakefield came from mountain ash.he died during ww2 aug 1944. would be gratefull for any information.

Does anyone have any history of The Oaklands.It ran from the corner of Clarence str. Cardiff rd.To top of Clarence str. and across to Cwmaman rd.It consisted of a lodge, and alarge house at the top of the drive,there where also a conservatory and various out buildings.The house was later split into three.This area was demolished in the late 60,s.Lodge remaining until 2004.

I am hoping to visit the area as my grandfather Fred Tennant was from Aberdare, I don't know much about him. I am wondering if there are any members of his family who could give any information where he lived. He married Elizabeth and they lived in Birmingham.

im trying to find out more information about The Earl Grey Inn Llwydcoed i understand it was on the site of Greys Place as it is now anyone with any info or photos would be great thank you

I am trying to find out more about my husband's family. His father was from Aberdare David Ellis Wigley and we believe that he was once headteacher of Aman Junior school. We would appreciate any further information.

Hello i am trying desparately to find a copy of a local paper to this area showing my father in law who was a blues and royal and a guard to the queen and queen mother on the queens coronation in 1953. The paper showed my father in law david lawrence lloyd on th left hand side and a picture of the queen on the right, it also had a reference to the fact that the famous jockey Freddy Fox was David's relation. Unfortunately the paper we had has been mislaid and his grand children are especially anxious to find another copy

At the top of Oxford Street, Gadlys, Aberdare just inside the old gate to where Glandare house once stood. There was an old ruined house which must have been the gate house belonging to the Waynes mansion. I can remember playing in what was once the kitchen, because build into to boundary wall was an old kitchen range. I noticed what looked like a big dried blood stain on what was left on the tiled floor. I told my mother and grandmother about my discovery and they both told me off really big time and made promise never to go there again. I asked why. My grandmother told me that the two people who used work for Lady Landare were murdered in the kitchen and nearly everybody avoided the place. I would like to know if this story is true or not. I have also heard about a murder in nearby Trecynon Hall. I think the house was called Trecynnon Hall. The victim was a maid employed by the family who lived there. If I am correct the house has long gone replaced by a nursing home. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you

I am researching my family tree.My maternal grandfather was born on 23rd of October 1893-Morris James Bracho.His parents are named on his birth certificate as David and Margaret Bracho(nee) mattews.Address at the time was 23 Glamorgan Street Aberdare.For reasons unknown my Grandfather was adopted and took the name Francis James Morris Morgan.He appears on the 1911 census living with the Morgan family in Cwm near Ebbw Vale.I am unable to find any trace of his father David Bracho at all.It is an unusual surname.Is it a corruption of Bradshaw? are there any other people in the area with the Name Bracho? I cannot find any record of this name.Was David an immigrant? /Italian or Spanish.If anyone can throw any light on this name linking it to Aberdare i would be extremely grateful. thank you.

I am tracing my grandfather's line, from a marriage certificate I have these details:
The Parish Church of Aberdare, 24th December, 1868,
Thomas Davies aged 33 Bachelor, Overman in Colliery, residence Hirwaun, father's name Joseph Davies (Carpenter). I believe he also had a brother named Jason.
married Sarah Foster spinster aged 23 born Merthyr, daughter of Evan Foster and Jane Richards.
Bride and Groom were living in Hirwaun at the time.
They had two sons Thomas and Joseph, by 1875 Sarah was a widow and later remarried.
Any help please would be gratefully appreciated.

E K Morgan. Hello carolhughes101 Your looking for your Husbands family in Aberdare. We are related on his Mum's side. My Mum and Aunt have always wondered about him as they haven't seen him since he was a boy, they are all first cousins. I only met my other Uncle a month ago so please get in touch it will be lovely to hear from you.

One of our original posters requested we place this on the history section


I am looking to put together a history of Bright Eye, Cwmaman, and would be glad to hear from anyone who lived there, had relatives who lived there, and especially anyone who has any photos or documentation relating to the place. All information, pictures and help will be very gratefully received. 



Hi I am researching my mothers family tree born in the area margeret osbourne (1927) she had  sister's  Alice,Stella,Lillian,Martha and a brother who died in WW11.

any help would be very welcome 

My grandmother was Anne Fletcher who ran Fletchers the grocers (now Coop) at 10 Commercial Street. I lived there for a while during WW2 but have lived in Canada since 1956. I'm trying to trace her other relations and background. Anyone of my age group around with knowledge? if so e-mail me at Thanks.