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Should RCT Councilors face a fine of £120 for not turning up for meetings same as Parents for kid not attending school
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Prince Charles Hospital ward 5

Had reason to spend some time on Monday night at Prince Charles Hospital ward 5 not happy with what I witnessed in within 2-1/2 hours. 

Have written to Edwina Hart AM Minister for Health and Social Services and e-mailed interim chief executive Paul Hollard North Glamorgan NHS Trust lets see what response I receive.

What happend, poor care,

What happend, poor care, conditions, bad treatment!!?? Fill us in, but not in detail so's not to get yourself in trouble. Not heard a lot of good about PCH of late esp wards 4 and 5.

Hi TinyFlirt You are no far

Hi TinyFlirt

You are no far wrong

Had a response but it would seem chief executive Paul Hollard North Glamorgan NHS Trust will not be looking into the problems that prevail in his hospital this task will be the responsibility of the Deputy Patient Services Manager.

I will keep you informed of the outcome

Pass the buck time - typical

Pass the buck time - typical the world over. What a sorry state of affairs.

I am now having experiences

I am now having experiences of Aman ward when I visit Aberdare Hospital. Having a meeting with Ceri Hill this week will not say what’s involved just yet but I will report the outcome of my letters about Prince Charles Hospital and Aman ward.

I have had a good response from Andrew Davies AM South Wales Central and a reply from he is looking into the case; I have received a cover letter from Edwina Hart AM Minister for Health and Social Services.
I will let you know just who is interested and who is not from the other people I write to and the response I receive.
Don’t get old

Wait until you get a

Wait until you get a relative on Dare Ward.

Lewis what was the outcome please? Is it really worth contacting AM Mr Davies & Edwina Hart?

My mother was admitted to

My mother was admitted to Medical Assessment ward 5 Prince Charles Hospital at 19-25 on Monday 11 February 2008 suffering with the effects of a stroke. I was initially informed no beds were available but there were 4 unused beds in the ward I complained after that a bed was found.

When in ward 5 Prince Charles Hospital we observed bedclothes being changed on one of the empty beds, the new bed linen was draped over and in the dirty linen container is this acceptable practice

Ward 10 Prince Charles Hospital having daily questioned staff about my mothers progress and the attendance of a physiotherapist to progress the use of her left leg I was informed by the ward sister on Thursday 14th February 2008 that a physiotherapist had attended my mother that day Thursday. On Friday morning my wife and eldest son attended my mother at ward 10 Prince Charles Hospital when 2 physiotherapists attended my mother and said, “this is our first visit” My wife questioned them and they said this is the first visit by a physiotherapists. Therefore the ward sister was deliberately giving incorrect information about the treatment my mother was hypothetically receiving. Giving the impression treatment is ongoing when it is clearly not the case. Is it common practice for senior staff working within North Glamorgan Health trust to lie about treatment?

Transferred to Aberdare Hospital

On Saturday 23rd February2008 we entered Aman ward to find belongings still packed in bags and slung on the bed, the drugs that were provided by Prince Charles hospital were in a paper bag on the bed not in the secure protected drug safe attached to the bedside locker provided for drug storage. It was visiting time in the ward the drugs were left unattended I ask the question why?

There were no pillows on the bed I go to the reception desk and ask for a pillow, I am informed that there are no pillows available with the orderly saying “its only Saturday and we are out of pillows already” I ask the nurse in reception who is in charge of the ward I am informed it is X. 10 minutes elapses and a nurse comes into the ward and says she has contacted a porter and he is looking for a pillow.45 minutes pass and the nurse returns with one pillow saying “they are like gold”. It is clear there is an inadequate resource stored in Aman ward why

Soiled clothing

Following a meeting on Tuesday 26th February 2008 with X when we highlighted soiled clothing slung in the clean clothes locker. Ms X agreed to address this bad practice but unfortunately it still continues, today Sunday 2nd March 2008 again the soiled clothing is slung in the locker it would seem the bad practice is continuing irrespective of insurances given by senior staff why?

Again following a meeting on Tuesday 26th February 2008 with X when we highlighted the point not bathed since transferred to Aman ward; we were informed that usually patients have a bath once a week. Ms X said she would arrange for my mother to have a bath the following day. I believe my mother has had one bath in 7 days

Having attended Aman ward daily at that time the food was delivered to the wards on a hot trolley by the time it reached the end section of Aman ward there was little choice for patients as there was no individual meals and no menu as in Prince Charles Hospital just potluck.

I have highlighted a number of points above, it seems to me little interest was shown too older people admitted to hospital.
I now understand a head scan is essential in stroke cases and should have been given within hours of admission to hospital; this was not the case at North Glamorgan Health Trust. My mother had to wait for hours just to see a doctor no one interested, faulty instruments were used to diagnose my mother’s condition I could go on.

North Glamorgan Health Trust at that time was a shambles with senior staff deceitful when reporting treatment of the patient or should I say the lack of treatment. After that experience can I believe anything that is said?

I don’t think complaining to the Assembly member is any good, unless things have changed at the hospitals, its all down to the staff and what they can get away with. I recently attended the casualty unit at Prince Charles Hospital it was absolutely filthy just take a look at the top of the windows cobwebs hanging, I know the doctors are stretched but are the cleaners?

I am sorry to hear that you

I am sorry to hear that you experienced what appears to be a rather slipshod attitude at The Prince Charles Hospital.
The cleaners really do need to have someone monitoring them, alas the Hospital is severely understaffed, I've camped out there several times in the past as my parents have been admitted on several occasions, Dad for his heart and my Mam for a series of strokes. on the first day of admittance they were moved all over the place, but after finally being allowed to settle in a ward the day after they were given menus and did get the food that they had ordered, but in the beginning they had to take what was left on the trolley. Which had been ordered by the previous patient.
The saddest thing I encountered was when the elderly lady in the bed next to my mother passed away, I checked her pulse etc but it evident by the cyanosis (spl?) on her fingertips etc that she was gone. I went to notify the young staff nurse who was run off her feet who ended up in tears, as there was no one to help her even though several so called Misters were hanging around her desk. What is the point of having all these so called experts and the barest minimum of nursing staff I shall never know, politics should never have been allowed into Hospitals in the first place !!!

*I'm not insane, but I think my mind is *

Sounjds like a report

Sounjds like a report from a hospital in Zimbabwe not Aberdare.

If a stroke victim is attended to within three hours of the stroke the condition can be reversed these days.

What's gone wrong with the U K where at one time they boasted about the best health scheme in the world.

Every time I hear of news from the U K these days it's mostly bad news are there no positives there now.

Perhaps if the politicians were'nt so corrupt and stop ripping the country off by jumping on every gravy train there would be money in the kitty for essential things like health care.

The country has gone to the dogs for sure.

My wife was a Nursing

My wife was a Nursing Sister-thank - god she isn't anymore because the job almost killed her. The standards of nursing care have changed, I believe, for a number of reasons and although financial constraints on staffing is a primary cause, it is not all due to staff shortages.

Firstly, because of the Litigation Culture today, nurses and doctors are having to spend so much time covering their backsides by filling in reports and care plans and documenting everything they say and do,usually when their shift has finished, that they are having little or no time for actual "hands on" time with patients.

At one time, there were SRNs and SENs nursing at different levels. The SENs took on the more "hands on role" and the SRNs managing the operational side of things. Regardless of the grade of nurse, there was always someone to see to and talk to a patient and to ensure their basic care and needs were looked after-yes even helping them with their meals. God forbid they were seen doing that today!! I believe the SEN grade was removed by their own Nursing Council and replaced by Nursing Auxilliaries and if ever a poor move was made it was that. I,m not decrying the Auxilliary, but the SEN trainging allowed them more clinical freedom. The nursing training 30 years ago was placement based, ward by ward speciality by speciality with breaks in the nursing school classroom. On completion of training you had a nicely packaged nurse who had gained experience in almost all facets of nursing care, including time in operating theatres. Today , it is almost all academic driven to Diploma or Degree level with most of the time spent in college or university and very little time looking after patients first hand. Also, the introduction of the various "specialist" and "consultant" nurses. These are the "experts" who are available to advise on nursing matters-usually one per speciality. You won't know who they are because they don't like wearing nurse's uniforms and prefer to power dress in their suits. But while they remain in their offices -waiting to be called to advise, other front line nurses are struggling to cope with the day to day management of the wards. Surely these high paid "specialists" who are so well qualified could still advise but at the same time, be in the wards working as Ward Sisters and using their experience to better use that the patients actually benefit from. Experienced nurses also desperate to get off the front line are in posts providing NVQ support when their experience is so badly needed on actually looking after patients. Its easy to blame the government and the health authorites, but I think the Nursing Body have also contributed to this by introducing posts and processes that isolate the nurses more from the patients and in doing so, not only place an additional burden on the overworked nursing staff but creating a poorer standatd of care for the patients.

Apollomed, Thanks for

Apollomed, Thanks for putting us in the picture as to what's happening in the hospitals these days.

Who ever is to blame is no consolation to patients who are not getting the care they need and to such ends the government of the day must bear the brunt of the problem and should fix it by legislating that certain standards of care must be adhered to whether or not people want to become more qualified or not, which is a good thing I suppose but should not become so at the expense of the patients.

The nursing council must recognise that they were in part guilty of creating a monster that has got out of control and should in fairness to patients take steps to put the situation right.

They should be nurses first and administrators second as time and situations demand.

Britain has followed America in the litigation game and it has got to rediculous situations where far too often common sense has gone out the window in the mad rush to get easy money out of everything and/or anyone as long as they get their hands on it. That's the litigation monster gone mad.


The things that will dstroy us are:-
Politics without principle,
Pleasure without conscience,
Wealth without work,
Business without morality,
Science without humanity and worship without sacrifice.

Mahatma Ghandi.

We are seeing all these things cominig true today.

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