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Should RCT Councilors face a fine of £120 for not turning up for meetings same as Parents for kid not attending school
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Council bungs in Windfarm.

WIND power is coming to the Rhondda, after a controversial eight-turbine planning application was passed by a nail-biting one-vote majority. Objectors are crying foul after the meeting was scheduled at the height of holiday season and one third of committee members were absent - and are threatening to seek a judicial review.


Agenda items included the Renewable Energy Partnership’s proposal to build eight 80-metre masts, each with three 45-metre rotor blades, on the 200-hectare plateau between Treorchy and Maerdy - a proposal that was rejected by councillors at a previous meeting in July, with only four members voting in favour.

But on Tuesday, August 19, 25 members voted for the application and 25 against - leaving the committee chairman with the deciding vote which he cast in support.

Maerdy councillor Gerwyn Evans [Plaid Cymru] voted against the wind farm, and described his colleagues’ majority decision as “devastating news for the Rhondda”.It’s a Rhondda planning matter,” Coun Evans said, “but it feels like it went through with the help of Taff Ely members.”

Linda Clarke, a Treorchy resident and member of Rhondda Against Wind Turbines, attended the meeting and said she was “shocked” at how quickly the vote was taken. “The process was so slick and speedy - a more cynical person might conclude that the whole thing was planned and expertly stage-managed.”

They planted the forests on

They planted the forests on our mountains.. promising employment This lasted a few years then came the harvesting which has left stretches of desolation.

Mountains that at one time showed the beauty of the season,s became almost one colour
Now the windfarms are going t be our salvation..Will the large lorries do any good to our mountain road? They say people will be able to use the roads on to the top of the mountain for leisure purposes The wind turbines will be in view from many parts even from Llwydcoed in Aberdare

I would like to know Who voted for what in the plannng meeting?

It's about time everyone

It's about time everyone stood up to be counted and took resposibility for atleast some of the power we consume. Everyone wants luxury homes with every mod con but aslong as the power stations/ wind farms aren't on thier door step. I hope many more wind farms are granted permission, powers to be run our lives , they tell us not to smoke , they tell us not to drink, eat sensibly and watch our diet. This is one sensible decission they found hard to make.

I think you will find that

I think you will find that it's the people of Maerdy who will be blighted with this wind farm. Those in posh houses with all mod cons are within sight of this.....


Don't you think it rather daft that there are homes in RCT which are classed as energy inefficient and don't get any cash to upgrade their insulation yet there are multi-national energy firms farming huge government subsidies to put up these turbines ?

I've just returned from a

I've just returned from a jaunt across Europe where there are wind farms everywhere. To me they are beautiful and clean, and I'd have no objection whatsoever if they wanted to put them in my area. I'd rather see them than housing estates erected by RCT's developer pals that ruin the environment and go against the wishes of the people who live in those areas.

If we do have wind farms, my only hope is (and it's a faint one) that RCT's planning committee is kept out of the issue. They are about as much use as a one legged man in an a**e kicking contest when it comes to anything to do with enhancing our environment or the long term benefits to us all.

I can vouch for this from bitter experience of their short term viewpoint that is charged with double standards, double dealing and sheer bloody hypocrisy!

Bring on the wind farms I say, and let's have a cleaner future that is energy efficient and does not degrade the environment like coal or nuclear. My only fear is that nuclear may have to play a role in our future energy needs because otherwise we may find ourselves beholden to the Russian oligarchs and Mafia bosses for our energy. That's a prospect even worse than RCT's bungling planning committee!

The meeting was attended by

The meeting was attended by the Chairman of the Development Control Committee

Cllr R. B. McDonald (Labour, Tonyrefail East)


Cllr D. E. B. Arnold (Plaid Cymru, Ynysybwl)
Cllr D. R. Bevan (Labour, Tylorstown)
Cllr S. A. Bradwick (Labour, Aberdare East)
Cllr J.G. Bunn (Independant, Tonteg)
Cllr P. Cannon (Labour, Ystrad)
Cllr W. J. Daniel (Plaid Cymru, Aberdare West)
Cllr A. S. Fox (Labour, Penrhiwceiber)
Cllr S. Gregory (Independent, Abercynon)
Cllr J. S. James (Conservative, Llantwit Fardre)
Cllr I. Jones (Labour, Cwmbach)
Cllr L. Jones (Plaid Cymru, Treherbert)
Cllr S. J. Jones (Labour, Llwynypia)
Cllr S. Lloyd (Labour, Mountain Ash West)
Cllr A. Morgan (Labour, Mountain Ash West)
Cllr M. Rea (Plaid Cymru, Pontyclun)
Cllr M. Tegg (Labour, Cymmer)
Cllr E.A. Walters (Plaid Cymru, Llwydcoed)
Cllr J. S. Ward (Labour (Penrhiwceiber)
Cllr W. D. Weeks (Labour, Penygraig)

Members had no personal interests to declare.

Apologies for absence were received from

Cllr L. M.Adams (Labour, Tylorstown)
Cllr A. L. Davies (Labour, Ferndale)
Cllr C. Davies (Plaid Cymru, Treorchy)
Cllr G. R. Davies (Plaid Cymru, Treherbert)
Cllr M. E. Davies (Labour, Porth)
Cllr G.Evans (Plaid Cymru, Maerdy)
Cllr S. M. Evans (Plaid Cymru, Treorchy)
Cllr E. Hanagan (Labour, Tonyrefail West)
Cllr E. L. Hancock (Plaid Cymru, Treorchy)
Cllr G. Holmes (Labour, Llantrisant Town)
Cllr P Jarman (Plaid Cymru, Mountain Ash East)
Cllr C. J. Middle (Labour, Tonypandy)
Cllr K. Morgan (Plaid Cymru, Hirwaun)
Cllr R. W. Smith (Labour, Rhondda)
Cllr M. Webber (Labour, Rhydyfelin)

It is clear that the council bunged in this application of vital importance to the upper Rhondda valleys into the meeting on 19th August (at the peak holiday time) and deliberately did so knowing that councillors who represent the area would not be in attendance. Indeed, the notice of the meeting was only sent out on 12th August, which means that councillors were not aware that the matter was to be considered until 4 days prior to the decision being made.

Is this is a deliberate manipulation of the political process by officers of the council in a very important planning matter ?
Surely Cllr Evans is correct in calling a judicial review into the way in which this decision has been made.

Of course it's political

Of course it's political manipulation on the part of RCT's planning committee, and another thing you can be sure of is that there were vested interests at play here. They sure as hell didn't want the area's representatives present to make waves.

There should undoubtedly be a judicial review over this decision because like so many other decisions passed by RCT there's a rat in the works somewhere, and my guess is that Cllr Evans knows it as well!

What was on the RCT website

What was on the RCT website has since changed and it now shows the minutes as :


The Goverment takes NO

The Goverment takes NO notice of public wishes and the Local Authority appears to be following them.
I have seen the visual impact on these giant (useless) monolithic monsters first hand, They are being placed in areas where there tends to be a huge public outcry and again the public is igored.
Be it public service or planning WE the people have to listen to the people we voted in to fight for our rights, telling us what they want to do and we, as sheep, have to accept what they tell us.
There is not one policy this Goverment put forward in thier manifesto that they have implemented as promised.
There is not one local issue been resolved to meet the majority of people I speak to.
Why should this be any different?

To refuse the planning

To refuse the planning application :

M. L. Adams (Labour, Tylorstown)
D. R. Bevan (Labour, Tylorstown)
W. J. Daniel (Plaid Cymru, Aberdare West)
A. Davies (Labour, Ferndale)
G. Evans (Plaid Cymru, Maerdy)
E. L. Hancock (Plaid Cymru, Treorchy)
P. Jarman (Plaid Cymru, Mountain Ash East)
C. J. Jones (Labour, Ferndale)
S. J. Jones (Labour, Llwynypia)
C. Ludlow (Plaid Cymru, Trealaw)
M. Rea (Plaid Cymru, Pontyclun)
M. Webber (Labour, Rhydyfelin)
J. Williams (Plaid Cymru, Porth)
13 votes.

To approve the planning application :

D. E. B. Arnold (Plaid Cymru, Ynysybwl)
J. J. Bell (LibDems, Treforest)
W. J. David (Labour, Tonteg)
G. R. Davies (Plaid Cymru, Treherbert)
S. G. Farr (LibDems, Pontypridd Town)
S. Lloyd (Labour, Mountain Ash West)
A. Morgan (Labour, Mountain Ash West)
M. J. Powell (LibDems, Trallwn)
K. A. Privett (Labour, Penygraig)
G. Stacey (Labour, Church Village)
M. J. Watts (Labour, Ystrad)
J. S. Ward (Labour, Penrhiwceiber)
C. J. Willis (Labour, Ty'n y Nant)
13 votes.

Casting vote to approve the wind farm : Cllr McDonald (Labour, Tonyrefail East), who voted twice as chairman.

Those who's vote is kept secret are :

Cllr Assiratti
Cllr Bates
Cllr Bradwick
Cllr Burtonwood
Cllr Cannon
Cllr Crimmings
Cllr E Davies
Cllr SM Evans
Cllr Forey
Cllr AS Fox
Cllr Joel James
Cllr E Jenkins
Cllr J Jenkins
Cllr I Jones
Cllr Leyshon
Cllr Middle
Cllr B Morgan
Cllr K Morgan
Cllr A Roberts
Cllr GJ Roberts
Cllr RW Smith
Cllr Tegg
Cllr Turner

What does it mean those

What does it mean those councillors whose votes are kept secret? Are we in the secret state already then? Since when can councillors vote anonymously? Are they serving us or themselves again, or are their vested interests paying them to vote in a certain way that must be hidden from the voters?

I suspect that the whole issue is corrupt and was already decided, but is Stalin alive and well in RCT after all?

The Council and Goverment

The Council and Goverment wish that words such as corruption and conspiracy were not used when discussing them yet it is them that keep adding fuel to the flames.



Apart from reading about

Apart from reading about windfarms try looking at the following map of the U.K.


Just click on all the buttons on the left of the page to see how these are going to multiply and yet the majority of people don't want them.

Having looked at the

Having looked at the application I see that the section under trees the requirement is that every tree that is to be felled must be identified on a plan submitted.

Looking at the plans I cant see any trees marked up for felling, I think any objectors to the development should approach development control and request an explanation as to why plans submitted do not correspond with the planning application made

A bit of info

A bit of info .....


Renewable Energy Partnerships, the company that submitted the planning application for the Maerdy wind farm is not a 'local environmental company' as has been claimed. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Camco Global Inc, a company registered in Jersey and traded on the AIM (Alternative Investment Market) in the United States.

The current venture capital institutional ownership of the venture is as follows.

Name, shares, %.

Tudor BVI Global Portfolio Ltd 23,284,999 13.90
Generation Investment Management LLP 16,000,000 9.55
Clearworld Energy Ltd 13,535,083 8.08
Fidelity Investment Mgrs Ltd 13,358,486 7.97
Greenergy International Ltd 8,449,359 5.04
Dr Josef Wildburger 6,368,312 3.80
Schroder Investment Management Ltd 5,239,619 3.13

I wonder if they are from Maerdy ?

Wildburger and Schroder, eh?

Wildburger and Schroder, eh? Can't get much more local than those now can you?

New poster here, hi

New poster here, hi everyone.

Suprise suprise yet another dodgy sounding deal surrounding developments.

Although I agree with you ddraenen, better this than more unaffordable houses sqaushed into the few green spaces we have left here.

Welcome new poster , i think

Welcome new poster , i think it is the same here in swindon all they think about is putting up new houses, i am lucky i live on the outskirts of Swindon with country side not far away .

Thanks Trish. I will keep on

Thanks Trish.

I will keep on harping on about it but our green belt is the Cynon Valleys ONLY remaining plus. And it's high time we really start to fight the corrupt Councillors on this.

Beware of the "C" word, Lord

Beware of the "C" word, Lord Charles. When councillors or officials feel that you're getting a little too close to the truth on here they impose gagging orders and threats to sue. It's happened before, and no doubt when too many stones are overturned to expose the truth beneath they start to get jittery.

Of course, this is democratic Britain; the free society that cherishes freedom and tolerance above all else. We're not like those corrupt and graft ridden Third World countries in Africa and South America now are we? Oh no, everything here is above board and accountable, just like all those pigs that are fed and watered and ready to fly!

Of course corruption is rife in Britain. They just don't want it exposed for what it is. They have a very subtle means of gagging you if you get too close to the truth here; it's known as libel law. This is a law so draconian that even the USA has passed laws to protect American citizens from being sued under British libel law.

We however, as British citizens do not have that luxury. RCT Council or any other organisation that does not want its corrupt activities exposed can turn to British libel law if they so wish in order to gag free speech.

In most democratic countries the word "corruption" is bandied about quite freely with regards to politicians. Right now in Thailand there are demonstrations on the streets against corruption in their government. British politicians however are more subtle than their Thai counterparts; they make corruption legal, and are thus able to dole out billions of pounds of our money to "consultants" and executives of public bodies.

When it comes down to planning laws though, that's a minefield of skulduggery, double dealing, double standards and hypocrisy on a scale that would make Robert Mugabe envious. And they're protected from exposure by coverups and appeals to their own false integrity, and of course by threats of legal action.

Right Honourable they call themselves. Have you ever heard of anything so ludicrous and at complete variance to what they actually are? Who else do they think they're fooling apart from themselves?

There have been several dodgy deals done over the years here in RCT. I know of a few myself in this area alone. Of course, the public image is one of environmental protection and listening to the wishes of the electorate. The reality however is completly different.

The Dare Valley Country Park has been mentioned as a major asset to us in RCT, and I'd agree most strongly as I'm often there on my mountain bike. But look a little closer at how the housing estate has been allowed to creep right down to the edge of the park and ask yourself how that came about. Who gave permission for that to happen and what inducements were offered? You'll never find out of course because the tracks have long since been covered. But it's still going on and RCT Council is now the biggest threat to our environment here, paying scant regard to the wishes of the electorate where the plans of developers are in conflict with those wishes. I can vouch for that as well.

This wind farm issue is further proof as well, even though I myself am in favour of wind farms. What I don't like is the sheer arrogance, contempt and blatant skulduggery of RCT's planning committee on this issue. But it's no more than I've come to expect from such a collection of self interested hypocrites.

Ahh ok thanks, excellent

Ahh ok thanks, excellent post. Agree 100%.

I've said it to my friends, if there comes a time when ANYMORE of the Country Park is built on you will see me on the paper chained to the front of the JCB.

Looks like RCT council has

Looks like RCT council has been done up like a kipper.

The reason why the AIM venture capital investment is via a Jersey company is because there is less of a requirement to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley. The company has little resources under £2,000 if you take the information you can obtain from Companies House but has just been handed a huge windfall (excuse the pun) from the Development Control Committee. It has taken on liabilities of millions of pounds. You will notice that the planning permission includes restitution of the site after the useful life of the wind farm, you wouldn't even get a JCB on site for £2000 quid, let alone comply with the planning stipulations.

This 'windfall' from RCT council is really paying a massive subsidy for site restitution out of the pockets of council taxpayers of the Rhondda. It is by no means an inward-investment, and the council have been hoodwinked by a PR exercise of what in my view is a very dodgy offshore scam. To force through the planning deal with a few days notice to the members of the council is a political manoeuvre, the consequence of not taking time to investigate the financial robustness of the speculators ability to comply with the planning requirements will cost the taxpayers of RCT a fortune in the next 25 years and will ultimately lead to the desecration of the mountainside with no recourse to remove the scars to the landscape, or maintain any form of energy production, during the 'life' of the wind farm.

I suspect the offshore venture capital input is just a vehicle to bank the climate change levee up-front, get a cash gift from the council, and leave the Rhondda with 25 years of operational subsidy to collect off the people of the valley.

Thanks for giving us this

Thanks for giving us this most valuable information, Valleyboy. Now the true nature of the wind farm issue is revealed, and with it the blindness and skulduggery that is evident in our decision makers. These people are prepared to sell us down the river to appease some venture capitalists who are set to make a fortune out of a very dubious scheme hailed as an environmental benefit, but is really a way to make money out of an issue that is of the utmost importance to us all and that of our children.

I've said all along that RCT council is the biggest threat to our environment here, having seen the way in which the wishes of residents and objectors are ridden over roughshod in order to satisfy the whims of developers.

This kind of action is happening on a worldwide scale, where corruption and double dealing is undermining the efforts of conservationists to preserve what little we have left of our environment.

Forests in Indonesia and Brazil are being felled with the collusion of politicians and bent officials, and now it looks as if the infection has spread to us here in RCT as well. What then makes our planners any better than the bent politicians and officials in those far off countries?

It's with despair for our future that I read about such scandals, and it makes it that much worse when I see it happening on my own doorstep.

"desecration of the

"desecration of the mountainside" you must be kidding, our landscape is pock marked with 200 years of industrial desecration. I think these wind generators are a majestic symbol of our future and commonsence.

I have placed a couple of

I have placed a couple of photographs on here showing what was manmade desecration that is now being reclaimed back by nature.
No manmade structure can be called majestic compared to what nature provides.

Forgive my ignorance Lord

Forgive my ignorance Lord Charles, Welcome to AberdareOnline.

jamestitanic do you know how

jamestitanic do you know how much energy these windfarms produce?

It's negligible.

Or even Nil on a day with no

Or even Nil on a day with no wind and even Nil on a day thats Too windy

Hey onevoice pleased to meet

Hey onevoice pleased to meet you.

It's great that like minded Valleys folk can gather here...glad I'm not the only one who feels this strongly about our enviroment.

I am not living in the

I am not living in the valleys any more , moved away about 40odd years ago,but i love the outdoors, we have got a windfarm a few miles from us i dont mind it one little bit.nice to meet you Lord Charles,hope you have many happy postings.

Stich Up

Recent stats state that on

Recent stats state that on average 2033 turbines produce 2546 megawatts, or 1,424,000 homes thats roughly 700 homes per turbine. This equates to a reduction of 5,755,915 tonnes in CO2 emmissions. I would gladly have a turbine per village if it had that benefit.

Stitch up, double dealing,

Stitch up, double dealing, vested interests...you name it it's all there as has always been the case with RCT planners.

I speak as one in favour of wind farms, having seen so many of them operating across Europe, but this particular case has nothing to do with the environment and Britain's energy needs and everything to do with a nice little earner for somebody along the line, and all with the collusion of RCT planning committee.

There undoubtedly should now be a judicial review of what has gone on here, and heads should roll, maybe even keeping a bed warm in the cells of the Knox Road Hotel!

Lewis, Just to let you know,

Lewis, Just to let you know, link not found

Thanks for that onevoice its

Thanks for that onevoice its working now.

Have a look at the video best of luck on the road to the top of the Rhondda Valley that’s where the access road is until someone decides the access road is inadequate.



No problem Lewis. Rhondda

No problem Lewis.

Rhondda Cynon Taff!

Same council same problems.

Does a wind turbine need

Does a wind turbine need planning permission?

“This depends and you will need to talk to the local planning department at the council. Planning regulations normally try to help people put up wind turbines and local planners should be helpful. It might also be a good idea to talk to any neighbors and get their support. “

So say Science Shops Wales

University of Glamorgan
4 Forest Grove
CF37 1DL


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