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Should RCT Councilors face a fine of £120 for not turning up for meetings same as Parents for kid not attending school
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Bus services Aberdare to Cardiff

I don’t use the service myself but I have been infirmed that the service runs from and the return service from Aberdare to Cardiff is nothing more than disgraceful?

Busses don’t run to the timetable

Busses don’t turn up

Buses are incapable of climbing Doctors Hill in Abercynon by
lack of power

It would seem this service is unacceptable anybody have experience of this service?

rather walk from cardiff

rather walk from cardiff than use the bus

That's deregulation for you.

That's deregulation for you. You reap what you sow.

The buses have been

The buses have been appalling since October 1986, when the aforementioned deregulation took place. If you visit Aberdare Library and look through old copies of the "Leader" on microfilm, Clayton Jones and his cowboy outfit were at the forefront of complaints pretty much from Day One. Even though everyone had high hopes of improvements when Shamrock sold out to Veolia, it's the same old same old.
Unfortunately the Traffic Commissioner's Office is too far away from the scene, and covers far too big an area, for them to keep an eye on things. At the local level the Vehicle Inspectorate and RCT don't run monitoring exercises often enough for them to gain any accurate figures of FTOs (Failures to Operate) and other breaches. The National Federation of Bus Users lacks any real influence. The problem is endemic within the company, and until a wholesale review of its staffing - from local management right down to action against individual drivers. (Actually, in spite of my signature line, the public transport situation in Cynon Valley is one of the few things that hasn't changed.)

The 21st Century is when everything changes

before I could drive I used

before I could drive I used to get the train or bus between Aberdare and Mountain Ash when I was with my Ex and now and again I wouldnt get the last train I'd stay later and try and catch the last but one bus.... Some nights wouldnt be ok but the rest of the time I ended up waiting in Mount for about an hour and a half waiting for the last 2 buses to come in the end I used to spend a bomb on taxis to get me home... And that was between 1999 - 2002... Public transport is a joke

last train from cardiff is

last train from cardiff is like a ride on the midnight exprss drunken foul mouth idiots with bottles of beer and attitude as they cant hold their drinks.

Where is the conductor hiding in his cab , what you need is a police escort and throw he buffoons off before they get a chance to get on.

Foul mouth young girls on alcopops flashing foul mouths and dirty knickers with feet on chairs really vicky pollard.

missgemini My husband and I

My husband and I decided to have a day out a week or so ago. We don't have a car now, so always travel by bus!! We caught the Glamorgan bus from Aberdare to Pontypridd, and was able to catch a connection to our next destination. However, by mid-afternoon, we decided to call it a day, so after waiting for ten minutes for the Veolia bus from Pontypridd Bus station to Aberdare, we were told that it had broken down, but another would be sent in it's place. True to their word another bus did come along. All waiting passengers got on, and as the journey continued,my husband and I mentioned to each other, we could smell rubber burning. It was just before the Tynte bridge an alarm started to go, so the driver stopped the bus, and phoned the garage. It really was too hot a day, to sit and wait in the bus, but it must have been about five minutes before the alarm eventually stopped, when the driver decided to continue on the journey. It was while we were waiting for the alarm to stop, another Veolia came behind. Our driver then decided that all passengers must change to the other bus, as he didn't think his bus would get to Aberdare.
I must now say, that some of the drivers who work for the Glamorgan buses, are very pleasant and helpful, even stopping for me, when they see me running for a bus, unlike Veolia who just pass!!

I found this on the

I found this on the Stagecoach website this morning (while looking for something completely different.) Could this be a glimmer of light at the end of a twenty-year tunnel?


The 21st Century is when everything changes

Capn Jack buses are not nice

Capn Jack buses are not nice noooooo way

I caught the bus from

I caught the bus from Cardiff to Aberdare a few weeks ago (the first time in a year or so) got on at Cardiff Central and going up up the A470 thought we were boiling over or smoke coming out of side of Bus. The bus terminated at Pontypridd and I and another man was told to get off the bus and wait for the next one. The next Bus didnt turn up and I was waiting another hour before I eventually got back on another bus. I was told at Pontypridd that the buses dont like breaking down in Cardiff as they like to try and get to Pontypridd to have a cup of tea. Health and Safety out of the window me thinks. The bus company is a shambles.

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