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Should RCT Councilors face a fine of £120 for not turning up for meetings same as Parents for kid not attending school
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Are Local Councillors Clogging up Roads in Cynon Valley

Below proposed and approved developments throughout Cynon Valley not counting single or small developments, our local councillors seem hell-bent on grinding Cynon Valley to an abrupt halt. There is no funding from the Labour party for road improvements so be prepared for longer delays at known black-spots.      

TirfounderApplication No 07/0258 - Residential development - erection of 214 dwellings including roads, means of enclosure, garages, parking, conservatories and all associated engineering works, Tirfounder Fields. 

Application No. 07/0554 – Proposed residential development of 6 no. semi-detached dwellings, Land at Kingsbury Place and Glanaman Road, Cwmaman. 

Application No. 07/0662 – Approval of reserved matters – erection of nine dwellings together with garages and construction of an estate road (amended plans received 02/07/07), Land at Rhombic Farm, Halt Road, Rhigos. 

Application No. 07/0981 – Outline application for residential development, Wind Street Garage, 25 Wind Street, Outline permission demolition of church and erection of 2 no. dwelling houses.Elim church, monk street, Aberdare. 

Application no. 06/1564 – residential development consisting of 101 dwellings, including all associated building and engineering operations and landscaping land at Llwydcoed brickworks, Aberdare 

Application no. 07/1288 – erection of 7 no. detached dwellings – river levels site, Abernant, Application No: 07/0980 - Residential development of 19 dwellings (2, 3 & 4 bed) (amended scheme received 14/11/07), land to rear of No's - 6 - 18 Tirfounder Road, Rose Row, Cwmbach.

Application no: 07/0856 Cynon Taf housing association residential development 34 no 2,3 & 4 bedroom dwellings site of the former beacons & towers flats, Hirwaun, Aberdare 

Application No. 06/1321 - Proposed residential development - 5 No. dwellings, former Transport Yard, Cardiff Road, Mountain Ash 

Application No. 07/0481 - New build residential development comprising of 19 No. four bedroom detached houses and 6 No. four bedroom terraced town houses, land at The Pavilions Darran Road, Mountain Ash. 

Application No. 07/0385 - Erection of two four bedroom houses and five three bedroom houses and garages to replace the eight original approved houses and garages together with all associated roads and sewer works, Land Off Tanyard Place, Aberaman, Aberdare.

Application no. 06/1776- relocation of site entrance modification to road layout to junction of Gladstone street and Clarence terrace: erection of 15 no. new two storey three bedroom residential dwellings (amended plans received 15/03/07)-former Aberaman primary school, Cardiff road, Gladstone street, Aberaman 

Application No. 06/0641 - Demolition of existing Junction Hotel, proposed construction of a block of 18 No. flats with associated car parking provision, former Junction Hotel, Station Road, Abercynon.

As I have said in another

As I have said in another post, governments or councils cannot blame us for global warming, pollution or congestion if they are hell bent on building in areas that cannot take the increased poppulation and inevitable traffic. Tempers are already fraying on local roads, and it is set to get much worse.

Just think how much money is

Just think how much money is wasted by the Labour party in Cardiff bay? Cynon Valley is the forgotten valley I doubt if Rodney Morgan even knows it exists he is not pumping large amounts of funding for our benefit. Just look at all the benefits and new
Roads there are in Merthyr Tydfil and Blackwood, all we get in Cynon Valley is more and more housing development without forward planning on our road network.

Congestion and Pressure Points on the Road Network As recognized by Rhondda Cynon Taf Council

A470/ A4059 Abercynon Roundabout
A4059 Mountain Ash
A4059 Aberdare Bypass/ Commercial Street
Aberdare Bypass generally
A4233 Monk Street, Aberdare
B4275 Aberaman Road/ Link Road to Aberdare Bypass

Mountain Ash Southern Cross Valley Link £5 million

Mountain Ash Southern Cross Valley Link
This scheme is already being actively progressed by the Council, and has therefore not undergone the appraisal process for the purpose of this report. Due to the significant commitment already made by the Council, it has been categorised as a high priority scheme.

Mountain Ash Northern Cross Valley Link £4 Million

Mountain Ash Northern Cross Valley Link
A cross-valley link, which links the east to the west bank, north of the town bridge.
The proposed cross-river link will bring environmental relief to residential and commercial properties within the town centre and the Miskin and Penrhiwceiber area.
Secondary Priority
The scheme will facilitate regeneration of the area, and will provide improved safety and environmental conditions in the town centre. The scheme will provide a link to the new Mountain Ash Hospital.

Penrhiwceiber Cross Valley Link
Realignment of the B4275 and a new cross-valley link to the A4059.
The new road will bring environmental relief to residents of Penrhiwceiber, and will assist the economic regeneration of the area.




“The Council has made a promise to invest and improve our main highway network and this additional cash injection is yet another demonstration of us honouring this commitment.”

There must be an election due!!! Where have they been for the last 3 years.

Is the Labour party doing anything to alleviate
“Congestion and Pressure Points on the Road Network As recognized by Rhondda Cynon Taf Council.” I don’t think so, once again no real funding just paper over the cracks good enough for Cynon Valley.

We were talking in work

We were talking in work yesterday about the heads of the valley road improvements. We mentioned the Hirwaun - Baverstocks bit. There will be so much extra traffic coming through the Cynon Valley when theyre doing that, cars that normally travel from the West and down the A470 will all come through the valley rather than get stuck in the jams up there.......!!! Abercynon roundabout will be chaotic....as will the trip home.....waiting to get through the lights at Mt Ash!!!

Another 200 + cars streaming

Another 200 + cars streaming through Cynon Valley New traffic lights in Llwydcoed more congestion

vote Labour on May the first you know it makes sense.

APPLICATION NO: 06/1564/10

APPLICANT: Barratt Homes Limited.

DEVELOPMENT: Residential development consisting of 101 dwellings, including all associated building and engineering operations and landscaping.

(Amended description & plans received 21/11/07)


The proposed access is from Llwydcoed Road (B4276) via Penyard Lane, which will include the provision of traffic signals and the widening of the existing carriageway. No access from Founder’s Row is proposed however, the existing public footpath to the south of the site will be retained. The public footpath, which runs through the site from north to south and under the railway line, will need to be diverted in order to accommodate the new footpath and road layout within the site.

As a result of the new junction arrangement with Llwydcoed Road, it is considered that the traffic signal control will improve highway safety and may also deter the use of this road by other traffic as an alternative to the A4059.


Lewis Why do you keep

Why do you keep slating labour for every housing development agreed, do you not know there is a massive housing shortage in this country where anyone under 30 cant afford to buy a house.
Where do you suggest the money comes from to improve the roads in this area. More houses will mean more council tax for more road improvements. There is a congestion problem at rush hour in mountain ash but there are plans to improve this. Anyone who has spent time in Cardiff knows that the traffic is tem times worse between 3-7 and there you have to pay a lot more council tax. Show me a town 20 miles from a large city that dosent have a rush hour traffic problem.
Maybe you can just tell us who this magical political party is who can fix the roads, not increase housing and keep low council tax, so we can all vote for them. Things in the valleys are damn site better than the way the tories left them. Progress is slow, but there is no magic wand.
Stop bombarding this forum with your political views over & over , its boring !

I have a fantastic

I have a fantastic suggestion as to where the money can come from to improve the roads.....it can come out of the 87p per litre tax I currently pay for my diesel!! After all, it is the motorist putting the money into the taxation system when we fill up our cars, but that money is spent elsewhere.
I personally am not interested as to what party is agreeing the housing development in the valleys. I am just telling you that you cannot treat a small town like Aberdare the same as you treat a city, and try to cram things in. There simply isn't the room.
Just out of interest Jos, do you, or have you worked in Cardiff (full time), and had to travel from Aberdare to Cardiff every day enduring rush hour traffic? I have been doing this for the past 18 years, so I know exactly what it is like, and I can tell you that Mountain Ash never used to be a bottleneck. I'm not convinced that they will be able to do anything to sort that out. Also, have you noticed the increased traffic around Aberdare on a weekend? You can be stuck in a queue from Aberdare town centre down to the ASDA roundabout. This is down to a number of factors, but the main one is that more people have moved to the valley in recent years, but the roads still remain the same as when they used to use horse and cart!
This is not a political view from me, it is a common sense view. You cannot continue to build new developments in Aberdare with the same infrastructure it has at the moment. If you do, I'm afraid the result is even more gridlock, frayed tempers and punch ups.

I do agree there is a

I do agree there is a traffic problem, and i have commuted if not full time. When i commute, i find the worst spot is going into the city and not mountain ash, but then this is usually quite early. There have been vast improvement to the roads (a470 & heads of the valleys road) so it is physically possible to commute everyday. I just dont see that this area is different to any other and its a price we pay for being 20 miles from one of the best city's in the country. I do see your point, but i dont see why we should have a massive shortage of housing because people dont like a 1 hour commute. Like you say, there is not a lot that can be done to the roads as we live in a valley. Hopefully the proposed south mountain ash link road will help. I think the train line needs more impovements and there should be a more direct bus service to the city so that these are serious options for comuters.

It really does depend what

It really does depend what time you commute, and what time of year it is. It takes be about 45 mins at the moment to get to work by car, and roughly the same time to get home. This is because the schools are off. During the winter, you are looking at doubling the travel times.....even longer if there is a bad acccident. This can be significantly longer than your 1 hour estimate. I assume you no longer have to commute to Cardiff going by your last posting, and even when you did commmute, you didn't do so full time. It seems to me that people who do to have to endure the daily commute to Cardiff seem very opinionated on something that doesn't really affect them. Maybe if they did the daily commute (during rush hour times, not someone who works shifts who may miss the rush hour traffic)they would change their tune. Unfortunately, people like myself have no option as I work in IT and there are no jobs in the valleys in my area of expertise. Moving to Cardiff is simply unaffordable for me. I believe one solution is to bring jobs to Aberdare. By that I do not mean just the industial stuff we have had in years gone by, I mean office type jobs like mine. The pay would have to be the same as I am earning now as well, none of this cut in wages rubbish because I live in the valleys! I would not need to use my car then. I have always lived in Aberdare, and have therefore always been part of the local population. The local population seems to have grown, and continues to grow, partly due to housing developments. The other thing to consider, is what if someone is taken ill, and an Ambulance is trying to get through? Have you thought about that? God forbid, but it could happen to anyone of us, or our families. In the valleys, there is no room to manover! It is bad enough in Cardiff, but at least we can mount pavements etc to leave them through. In the valleys there are too many cars parked everywhere. How would you feel if a close family member needed an ambulance in an emergency, but it couldn't get through because of all the congestion? It could mean the difference between life and death. As I said, god forbid this happening to anyone, but it is a serious consideration.

I dont disagree that there

I dont disagree that there is a traffic problem, in fact i agree with pratically everything you have said. My initial point is that its not Labours fault and i dont want to read this every time i log on to the forum. The reason you cant afford to live in Cardiff whilst having a well paid Job is that there is a shortage in housing. I to work in IT and i think we should both be able to afford to buy a decent 3 bed house in Cardiff should we want one, but we cant because there is to much demand. If there was more quality housing (and jobs) in the Valleys surely this would drive down prices in Cardiff. I see your point about hospitals, thank fully there are palns a foot for a decent hospital in the area (which no one seems happy about).

I agree with you regarding

I agree with you regarding the hospital, but actually getting to the person needing help in the first place could be a problem regardless of where the hospital is. I'm not sure I agree with the shortage of housing argument 100% though. What about all the empty existing properties? Could these not be done up/repaired and then re-used, after all everyone is banging on about saving the environment, start with re-using current properties before building new ones.
If you notice, in Cardiff there are quite a few houses for sale, but are not selling due to the price. The development of the Cardiff Bay has really helped to increase house prices in Cardiff because it is seen as the "in place to be", not really to do with supply and demand to that extent. People are moving out of the city to the Valleys, and have been for some time. I will say though that traffic around Aberdare is not helped by the number of cars per household! In my street, one family has 4 cars, another one has 3 cars! I thankfully have 1, and that is expensive enough to run. I'm not really sure what the answer is to be honest, but I do know that building more houses in an already crampt area spells disaster, and road rage will extend beyond just words and gestures. Also, can our current sewege system, water supply etc cope with all the extra demand? I would have thought that a larger capacity would be required.

Hi Jos “Stop bombarding

Hi Jos

“Stop bombarding this forum with your political views over & over, its boring!”

Sorry I am boring you Jos just look at the bits you like and ignore the facts and keep voting Labour you know it makes sense.

I am not slating labour for every housing development I am providing you with the fact that this local authority will allow development irrespective of where it is and what disruption it causes; any open space is fare game for the developer.

“There is a congestion problem at rush hour in mountain ash but there are plans to improve this.”

Jos, the plans to improve congestion at Mountain Ash have been in place for about 20 years I remember Brian Fitzgerald the then chairman of Mid Glamorgan County council Highways telling me that they were going to construct a roundabout and a bridge north of the existing bridge at Mountain Ash and another south of Mountain Ash.

The Labour party in Cynon Valley are good at talking and empty promises because they know whatever they do they will get back into power history proves that.

If you think the valleys are having a good deal keep voting Labour on the other hand open your eyes and look around.

Look at Abercwmboi and the contaminated land that remains from the Phurnicite Plant, what is our MP or AM doing about it and why is it taking so long. This is what the local Labour party is saying about the land as they run the authority at RCT.

CABINET 28 JANUARY 2008 Item 3. Former Phurnicite Plant, Abercwmboi, Cynon Valley
- There would appear to be many opportunities for the integration of open space, important ecological features and good cycle and walking links within any proposals on his site.− CCW suggest amendments / additions to the indicators contained in Appendix 1.

There have been opportunities for over 20 years but all that has happened is a few months work removing some of the contamination, it costs thousands in consultant fees with nothing being done at the end.

Just how many affordable homes are available in Cynon Valley £134,995 is one of the cheapest and who can afford a house at that price with a job within Cynon Valley.

The more houses you build the more people will come to live in Cynon Valley and road congestion will increase.

Has the Labour party been running Cynon Valley since 1900 Keir Hardie representing Labour for Merthyr Tydfil and Aberdare?

I have to be honest, I'm not

I have to be honest, I'm not really seeing or commenting on this subject from a political standpoint. It doesn't matter to me whether it is Labour, Conservative, Lib Dems, Plaid, Raving Looney, David Beckham, or any other party that makes the decisions. Personally, I do not trust Politicians from any party, they are all as corrupt as each other in my opinion. I just look at subjects like this from a common sense perspective. Trust me when I say that tempers will fray if there is any more congestion introduced on our valley roads. They simply cannot take it as it stands. One thing I will say about the concil though is why are there road works still at Aberaman? They have been there for ages on Cardiff road by the Brook, and are causing mayhem. I do not see anyone working there!!! That added to the stupid narrowing of roads by the council at certain points (Cardiff road by the Brook fish shop being one example, just by the zebra crossing) is certainly not helping matters, and in fact I consider to be dangerous. I believe these things would have still occurred whatever political party were in power locally.

Plans approved for 14

APPLICANT: Barratt Homes

APPLICANT: Barratt Homes Limited.

DEVELOPMENT: Residential development consisting of 101 dwellings, including all associated building and engineering operations and landscaping.
Land at Llwydcoed Brickworks, Aberdare

Approval for 99 new properties

I understand that local developer W D Lewis is now looking to move on to the above site.

It all depend when the work will start, I am talking about permanent traffic lights on Llwydcoed hill not far from the temporary traffic lights at the roadwork’s on Llwydcoed Road.


Penywaun Date Registered:


Date Registered: 24/11/2008
Application Ref 08/1174/10
Full planning permission
Proposal: Application Type: The construction of 18 dwellings and associated works.

Location: Hirwaun road, Penywaun, Aberdare

Newydd Housing Association
Ty Cadarn
Village Way
CF15 7NE

Yawn. I posted a big message


I posted a big message about this about a month ago re Councillors and planning which got not one reply. That includes Lewis.

He loves people making a fuss over his posts re land development but no the other way around.

He's a forum warrior. (as long as their his own threads!)

I must say that I have to

I must say that I have to disagree with Lord Charles over his criticism of Lewis. This is still a great site, and unique in its own way. I doubt there’s anything like it anywhere else on the Net. There are loads of blog sites, but none that are specific to a local area like this one.

However, there is one issue upon which I can agree with him, and that is that there isn’t a lot of serious debate going on here. Somebody else also remarked on that about nine months ago, and nothing seems to have changed.

There was a time a couple of years ago when this site was vibrant and full of the cut and thrust of debate. Indeed, the Local Government threads were full of opinions and counter arguments, some quite heated, but since the site has come back online after a long absence for revamping it seems to have been taken over by a faction who are unwilling or unable to tackle serious issues. All they seem to want to do is to avoid those issues that force the brain cells to work.

Back before the revamp, those who didn’t want to get involved with the serious issues were quite content to carry on in their own way, and nobody had any problems with all that. In fact, nobody felt driven away from the site either because of the “serious” stuff. It was a good balance where everyone made their contributions in their own way. Nobody felt slighted because they didn’t want to contribute to the deeper issues. Why should they anyway? That’s the beauty of a site like this: everyone is free to contribute what they will so long as they abstain from mindless insults and foul language.

Now of course, this new faction only wants the “light” stuff; what they euphemistically call “fun”. Indeed, I’ve deliberately withheld my contributions from here for quite a while, because certain posters objected to my posts; they interfered with their “fun”, though that’s of no importance to me anyway as I contribute to a few other sites where the debate is full of cut and thrust.

Presumably those posts forced them to think, and that was probably beyond their capabilities. I believe it’s called the ostrich syndrome, and with all the serious issues that are going on in the world right now this faction doesn’t want to be confronted by them. Let’s just hope the sand is deep enough for their heads. After all, we don’t want to frighten the horses now do we?

I’ve looked in now and again just to check how much wit and humour the so-called “fun” faction was contributing, but predictably, I’ve seen nothing that even remotely resembles it; just a load of drivel that says absolutely nothing about anything. Like a few others who used to contribute to the real banter on here, I refused to cast any more pearls into the arena or to show any acknowledgement of their criticism by offering them a reply. That would surely indicate that I was giving them the credibility they don’t deserve!

For motives best known to themselves maybe the fun faction is deliberately trying to stifle debate about the real issues, much like a bunch of stooges set up especially for that purpose. It’s an old ploy to mock and belittle those to whom you have no answer; to attack the person rather than the argument. Those who have nothing to say (the proverbial Nowhere Man) are usually quite adept at such tactics. It’s the mentality of the mob that shouts down speakers they cannot argue against: a sure tactic against any form of dissent.

Those who thus criticise always seem to be in a state of despair; of feeling powerless to do anything, and thereby do or say nothing about it anyway. The Welsh writer Saunders Lewis came up with the quip: “Does dim yn y byd mwy cysurus nag anobaith.” (There’s nothing in the world more comfortable than despair).

Seems to me that the fun faction are quite happy to remain in the comfort zone!

LMAO!!Croeso Nôl i chi

LMAO!!Croeso Nôl i chi Ddraenen and your acerbic wit. You are quite right about there being no debate on here,and i was very supprised at your surrender in the face of critiscism, I thought you in particular would have defended your right to freedom of speech.
lord C is one of a few on here who believe in freedom of speech as long as they are setting the agenda. His critiscism of Lewis is entirely wrong. I've stated previously that i don't allways agree with lewises postings, but i'll defend his right to ssy it. For someone who was supposed to want debate, all that could he achieved by his last post was to stiffle the very man who is trying to stimulate it!

Eh since when am I trying to

Eh since when am I trying to set an agenda? Just because I won't participate in the mutual backslapping and rose tinted chat here? Statistically there must be some Liebour voters on here. Great. News for you, this ain't 1975, and the pits are long gone. The Liblabcons are just a three heads of the same beast and Plaid are an irrelevant farmers party.

It's plainly obvious to me that this is one of the few forums most of you here visit, I can assure you there are far more hostile forums out there on the big world web.

Look I'm not on here to make friends dmj, I couldn't give a monkeys what you or anyone else thinks, evidently. The bottom line, as ddraenen rightly pointed out is that this is one of the few places where like minded valley folk can arrange action going forward to combat this frankly scandulous overriding of public opinion re land development. It's pretty obvious that going to the advertised meetings have had next to no effect (remember the level crossing one?) so it's time to change tact and to challenge the status quo. But of course, how could I forget? This is Aberdare Online we're talking about. Everyone here thinks that Labour "are the working class party" and besides it's a bit cold outside isn't it?

Housing is needed in the Valleys, but that is not the sort of housing that these developers have in mind.

I will end as I sometimes do,

YOU LOT GET THE LOCAL GOVERMENT YOU DESERVE. vote em in like blind chimps everyyear and they'll treat you like them.

Glad to see you back Y

Glad to see you back Y ddraenen and I would thank everyone for support as dmj said “I've stated previously that I don't always agree with Lewis’s postings,”
If everyone agreed with me the world would be in a sorry state as I do go on at times but I get my point across when it comes to local government I try to inform.
I think a lot of people feel they want to post but just are to afraid to especially when they get knocked personally on the site, like me grow a thick skin and place personal abuse in the hands of man/woman who has lost the argument or toys out of the pram.

Just for the record, DMJ, I

Just for the record, DMJ, I didn't surrender to criticism. That has never bothered me. I just wanted to see what would happen if I laid low for a while; would the fun faction carry on as normal or would they be chuckling to themselves that they'd rid themselves of a nuisance. Job done, in other words.
Predictably they've been conspicuous by their absence.

Anyway, it doesn't really matter as I've been contributing quite a lot to WalesOnLine. Now there's a site for banter if that's what you want. Of course, it's got its idiots as well, who spend more time slagging each other off rather than serious arguments. Once you get over that though, it can be quite amusing. And there's nobody on there with a bee in their bonnet about the heavy stuff either! Worth checking it out.

Another application for 50

Another application for 50 dwellings at Aberaman

Application Ref: 08/1742/16
Application Type: Approval of reserved matters
Proposal: Residential development of 50 no. dwellings (reserved matters pursuant to outline permission 03/1327).


Contact name and address Carnation Holdings Limited
c/o BBA Architects Bath Somerset

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