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Should RCT Councilors face a fine of £120 for not turning up for meetings same as Parents for kid not attending school
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How does the aberdare leader survive, I used to buy everyweek but as its now full of adverts I generally get my news off the internet.

I used to like the school photos and by gone days pictures.

It survives because of the

It survives because of the adverts Russell. Everyone paying a heavy premium to advertise in the paper!!

yeah and have you seen how

yeah and have you seen how much they charge to put a birthday in there.... It's just wrong!!

Yes I know it charges the

Yes I know it charges the earth for adverts my wife worked for celtic press for years, ful of gossip and hearsay plus adverts for the best kebabs in town. Kerching

From a sport perspective

From a sport perspective no-one north of Aberdare buys it because it is packed solely with stories of every team/age group of Mountain Ash rugby club. Not a mention of Aberdare and this our home town club that has produced 3 age grade internations plus two East Wales under 11s this year alone and of course Rhys Shellard who this year represented the Barbarians. Every week its Mountain Ash. No wonder sales are down!

Surely they only print what

Surely they only print what info they are given? Maybe Aberadre Rugby Club needs to supply more info to the Leader? Just a thought...

When they had an office in

When they had an office in Aberdare there was a lady called Marion on the front desk and she was lovely! So helpful. I think now the office has gone it's not interested in Aberdare at all. It's as if they get a print out from the court once a week to say who's been there, but they don't report anything local or newsworthy. If you go anywhere else and buy a local paper the content is much better.

Gary Marsh the editor is

Gary Marsh the editor is from Mountain Ash ...... say no more eh!!! lol

Exactly. Aberdare Rugby

Exactly. Aberdare Rugby club has provided updates and photos on a weekly basis yet they never appear in the Mountain Ash Leader.

If the the Marion you

If the the Marion you mentioned is who I think it is then I used to know her a long time ago. Her name back then was Marion Evans and she had a sister called Pat. Pat was what you might call a little bit eccentric, I can remember her walking around Woolworths in Aberdare with a live Siamese Cat wrapped round her neck. If the staff had noticed it I expect they'd have asked her to leave, but it was so well-behaved they probably thought it was a fur collar. LOL :)

Ha ha! don't know a sister

Ha ha! don't know a sister but always remember you could pop into the office and find someone you knew. Never even heard of Gary Marsh. How long has he worked there? Does he know the valley? Do reporters still come out now to take statements on stories? I saw the man who used to take the photos a couple of months ago and he's been very ill. Is there a regular photographer now? All these things count to make difference between a good and bad paper.

I finished buying the Leader

I finished buying the Leader when one of their reporters stated her weekly blog on there (I wasn't alone cos a few friends cancelled too for the same reason) I don't know how long this diary went on for because after a month of glancing at it I realized other than this load of rubbish and adverts, it was not worth the money I paid for it. No news really, although there's was news out there, the leaders preference was to highlight the week of one of their staff talking a load of, what sounded like teenage nonsense.

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